May 23, 2020

What analytics means

(In case bit-rot sets in: Anyone Not Likely To Interact With Customers)

May 11, 2020

Adjust now

This post by Matt Webb on how there is no after.

And that’s how I think about the lockdown now. A high tide that won’t go out. It’ll come and go, a bit, but really this period is just an extreme phase in what we’ll find is the new normal.

May 11, 2020

May Mood

Rick McCloskey 1972 Van Nuys

(via Design You Trust)

May 10, 2020

Tokyo Olympics Pictograms

May 3, 2020

Digital Cubicles

Simon Terry:

Right now around the world people are working from home in new digital cubicles. We may not be in the office, but we are in new boxes of isolation in our homes.

None of this digital transformation has anything to do with how many video images your videoconferencing platform shows on screen in meetings. What matter is how organisations and individuals work, learn and adapt. The real value is not to work on digital tools. The value creation occurs when we work, learn and adapt in new ways.

May 2, 2020

The Design Squiggle

It’s Creative Commons!

The Process of Design Squiggle by Damien Newman,