July 16, 2020

Holly White: City Spaces, Human Places

June 22, 2020

A different forever situation


Everyone desperately wants to return to normality. I am a professional optimist, but we are not returning to normal. Ever. This is a different forever situation, and the sooner we realize that and start to plan accordingly, the sooner we will feel unstuck.

June 2, 2020

Lock me in a room

I love a real-life meeting. There, I said it. They’re theater, and I’m a ham. You plan and prepare, you make a deck, you try to surprise. Meetings, well run, are alchemy; you can turn words and pictures into large checks or people agreeing to work for you, or convince a big company to do something it hates to do. An hour? Two hours? Stop crying. Lock me in a room for three days with a team of five strangers and a stack of sticky notes as high as your eye.

Paul Ford

June 2, 2020

Sarah Cooper’s Trump lip-syncs

James Poniewozik in the NYT:

This is another theme of her Trump, the insistent confidence betrayed by microexpressions of terror. From Ms. Cooper’s lips, the president’s sentences become plywood bridges he’s trying to nail together, one shaky plank at a time, over a vertiginous Looney Tunes canyon.

May 23, 2020

What analytics means

(In case bit-rot sets in: Anyone Not Likely To Interact With Customers)

May 11, 2020

Adjust now

This post by Matt Webb on how there is no after.

And that’s how I think about the lockdown now. A high tide that won’t go out. It’ll come and go, a bit, but really this period is just an extreme phase in what we’ll find is the new normal.