December 1, 2019

Weeknote CW48 (S1E7) Busy bees

Big week? Huge week. Lots of work in the door; lots of consultants out and chargeable. Flowerworthfn kicked off and there was the usual amount of to-and-fro to really get started. Ridgeco kept stepping on rakes. Mazedream continues to be a slow, slow, burn. Visionetworks asked us to propose a way to test something that doesn’t exist yet, which can be done, but requires careful thinking.

What did I let go of today this week?

Maybe control? All of newer members of my crew are really stepping up and finding their feet, so I’ve been able to let go of the sort of control I’ve been exercising. Also, I got really busy with the Flowerworth project so I had to let go anyway.

What surprised me?

How hard it is to get the team together for drinks or dinner. 12 people have so many commitments that it’s next to impossible to get everyone in the same place at the same time.

How will I behave differently?

Next week is going to be full on with two days away doing design thinking and innovation training for Buckoustics and then getting ready for some very busy weeks with Flowerworth and some interstate training with the Melbourne office.

What held me back?


What got in my way?

Articulation work, or more specifically, the need to re-cut project plans several times due events.


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