Weeknote CW04 (S4E2)

As we say at my house, there was too much week in this week!

Personal, home and family life needed to be prioritised so I took leave on Wednesday and Thursday to create some space for it.

Company names are always made up and change week to week.

Monday: Another typical Monday. Reviewed a proposal from late last year for Padlock Microsystems seem to be ready to commit. Continued grinding my way through onboarding for a relationship with a SaaS provider in our space. It’s a lot. Also chatted to someone who’s looking to escape academia and pivot into UX.

Tuesday: A brief business development chat for a fun project for Boarstar who do something fun but have a tiny budget. The sort of projects that we do for a treat in between working for the banks. Ongoing project for Forest Electronics is gathering steam and the team on that are doing great work herding the client cats. Ended the day with a call with Padlock Microsystems who are super keen to start in the coming week. Relied on a jargon-free Cynefin-style replay to them of what they were talking about and I think I won them over.

Wednesday: Home stuff.

Thursday: Exhausted from Wednesday.

Friday: Still exhausted from Wednesday. Spent the afternoon finishing writing up case studies for the new company website.


January 23, 2023

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