What I’m doing now

Last updated Monday, 17 September 2018


Given it’s new iPhone month, revisiting this article from the BBC on a rare earth mineral processing plant in Mongolia.


Donna Summer’s I Feel Love from 1977. It still sounds like the future. Try the 15 minute version, too.


Is Wardley Mapping the thing that Bruno Latour asked for at the end of his Cautious Prometheus speech?


where are the visualization tools that allow the contradictory and controversial nature of matters of concern to be represented? […] What is needed instead are tools that capture what have always been the hidden practices of modernist innovations: objects have always been projects; matters of fact have always been matters of concern 


My favourite things I own are things that I have either used and repaired or have received as things that other people have used and repaired. My boots are on their third heel, and second sole. My favourite watch is 66 years old. My favourite jacket is something I bought from a thrift store.