Notes on Leadership (2): Alignment and Truth-telling

Dan Hon, again:

What you need to do is

repeat back what it is people want to do, and also repeat back why it is that they want to do that. Because you are not just trying to discover alignment, but you must create some, so that you (and all the dependencies involved in you achieving your work) can actually get things done and achieve whatever your goal is.

How, Dan? How?

If you want to do start building alignment, you’re going to figure out if you’re in an environment where you’re able to do at least a little bit of truth-telling. Nothing you’re going to say is going to be untrue. But the reaction to what you’re going to say may be predominantly on the dismay/dislike/active denial end of the spectrum of reception.

Oh boy, have I been there.

Ben: Here is what your organisation is doing wrong.
Org stakeholders: yeah, yeah. Just tell us how good we are.


June 25, 2022

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