COVID log 20200326


Second Thursday of the New Normal.

Today, several of my team were asked” to take leave without pay as they weren’t currently billable to clients. If we get more work in, they come back to being paid. I spent most of last night stressing over it — I didn’t have to choose who was affected, or announce it, just listen in. Then I spent most of the day on the phone with those affected. I was expecting anger but if they’re angry they weren’t angry at me. Spent the rest of the day working on business development with others in the crew who aren’t directly on client work.

M is also fortunate enough to be working at home. It was supposed to be her RDO but the government keeps needing new things done so she was effectively on call all day.

Ms Grade 7 was home all day yesterday. Mr Grade 10 had half a day at school yesterday and then came home in the afternoon to trial his school’s remote learning system. Today was the first day they were at home together. They did really well. Ms G7s school has her in Teams; Mr G10 is in a weird cobbled together LMS-like thing but mostly seems to grab powerpoints to view so it works out the same. G10 is more introverted than G7; he’s quite happy so far but she misses school. The Premier formally announced today that schools are closed next week for all but children of essential workers”.

Yesterday when I walked around the neighbourhood, I would step off the footpath and other people would continue on it. That’s cool. I’m tall and broad.

Today I steped off the footpath and so do they, quite deliberately social distancing.


March 26, 2020

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