People say that good design is obvious. That’s only true when the design is done.

I’m interested in the work done to get to obvious. The hard work of understanding what people know, do, and say. The effort that goes into creating alignment between people and things. And the challenges of making that clear.

I use design approaches to ask better questions about complex organisational problems. From interviews and contextual inquiries to workshops with users and stakeholders, I’ve guided organisations through the process of bringing customers into design and strategy processes.

User research means nothing if it’s not connected to business outcomes. Working with stakeholders, I ensure that we’re solving the right problem, not just solving the problem the right way.

I’ve won over CEOs, subject-matter experts, industry veterans and in-house statisticians with high quality interview synthesis, transformative journey maps and rigorously designed prototypes.

I used to be an academic. I’ve studied and taught computer science, sociology of technology and design.