Americans go to Disney Land because they’ve all been punished but can visit a walkable functioning city, as a treat

Dan Hon

September 29, 2022

Breaking up (with) the office

The real value innovation is in separating efficiency and socialization from one, single, centralized physical space. Decoupling space from what’s happening in it effectively changes the meaning of office.” Instead of the office,” there is a decentralized network of offices.
Ana Andjelic

Reminds me of Mark Charmer’s Five Kinds of Space (which has disappeared from the internet).

September 24, 2022

What is a TikTok Video?

A TikTok video shouldn’t be thought of as one piece content, but as a series of inputs to be analyzed by the platform’s artificial intelligence — the caption, the hashtag, the length of the video, the audio, the filters used, the comments, the accounts the commenters follow, the accounts you follow, etc. All of it creates branches of recommendations to offer you.
— (Garbage day, Websites are just places to talk about TikTok)

September 24, 2022

What is designing?

John Chris Jones comprehensive definition of design”:

thoughts and actions intended to change thoughts and actions

September 4, 2022 designerlywaysofknowing

The article is a phenomenal example of what I’m going to call business-dude lorem ipsum.” It is filler language that is used to roleplay thought leadership” among those who have nothing to say: the MBA version of a grade-school book report that starts with a Webster’s Dictionary definition.

Charlie Warzel

September 4, 2022

Maybe grids are not always helpful?

Why do designers always talk about grids? Simple answer: they work brilliantly in print design. But the moment you have a screen that can change size, throw your grid system out the window.

Erik Kennedy on his LearnUIDesign blog

August 21, 2022 designerlywaysofknowing