The design school of digital design

I might have a mild obsession with a particular way of thinking about design. It's not entirely complementary.


Inevitable 6:30pm nbn congestion is preventing my end-of-week iTunes rental loading.

Instagram is getting very aggressive with the algorithmic timeline. I'm seeing things that are a week old.

Sometimes I think about blogging with Jekyll instead of WordPress. But after getting to step 27 in a tutorial, the feeling passes.

A collection of advice on going from academia to industry

Following up on PhD Skill Arbitrage, here's some things I read while thinking about that post. From academia to industry: a short guide at the NatureJobs blog Transferable skills: Helping PhDs and postdocs find careers also at the NatureJobs blog Transferable skills: Keys for standing out from the crowd again, at NatureJobs (Gee, you’d think …

Great post at The Nib about dressing like a duck.

Posting straight to WordPress with the new Ulysses update is pretty great.