The feature that Apple took 26 years to get right

OSX Mojave comes with a little-publicised feature called Stacks. Apple patented the design for this in 1992, first implemented it in a half-hearted way in 2003 and then it took another 15 years before they launched it in the way it was envisaged.

Reality reborn as behavior

A new “fictional commodity” is emerging as a dominant characteristic of market dynamics in the 21st century. “Reality” is about to undergo a fictional transformation and be reborn as “behavior.”  This includes the behavior of creatures, their bodies, and their things. It includes actual behavior and data about behavior. It is the world-spanning organism reborn […]

A new model for airport passenger segmentation

My colleagues Anna Harrison, Vesna Popovic and I have a new paper out in the Journal of Vacation Marketing, “A new model for airport passenger segmentation”. In it we argue that a new way to consider people’s experience in airports is around time and enthusiasm for the airport experience. Here’s the abstract: Recent changes in […]

Guerrilla Research Tactics: Alternative Research Methods in Urban Environments

I’m very pleased to announce the availability of “Guerrilla Research Tactics: Alternative Research Methods in Urban Environments”, a new publication with my colleagues Glenda Caldwell, Lindy Osborne and Inger Mewburn. It’s a case study in a chapter in a forthcoming book with MIT Press and is also available through the Civic Media Project site.

End your slide deck with this one weird trick

I sit through a lot of presentations and I have strong opinions about the right way to do them. One of my pet hates is the “questions” slide that people put at the end of a deck. I hate this for three reasons. First, it ends a presentation of work that’s taken anywhere from six […]

Does it make your life better?

Apple’s best moments haven’t been about building elitist filigree but about democratizing meaningful function, and releasing a technology only when the time was right. Mark Wilson in FastCoDesign with the hyperbolic You Guys Realise the Apple Watch is Going to Flop, Right? I think there’s design criticism to be had with the Apple Watch. The […]