The feature that Apple took 26 years to get right

OSX Mojave comes with a little-publicised feature called Stacks. Apple patented the design for this in 1992, first implemented it in a half-hearted way in 2003 and then it took another 15 years before they launched it in the way it was envisaged.


Twenty-seven forms

Last week on Twitter I saw a series of tweets come through from Jackie Liddle who was live-tweeting a talk by Nancye Peel. This one shocked me: Nurses bear the brunt of the lengthy paperwork required when older people come to hospital. Up to 27 forms on entry- compliance can be affected: Peel — Jacki …

What designers do

the role of designers is, in many ways, to help build collective understanding, and to facilitate the challenges in communication that can occur when contexts and cultures collide — Chris Marmo, Making Sense Together

Smart home optimists mistake the plumbing for the furniture

The darkly hilarious "The Snakes and Ladders of Smart Home suggests that smart homes will cause more divorces than Ashley Madison (I'll take "references that only made sense in 2015", Alex). The end of the post proposes that homes aren't a good place for automation because they're too diverse. Instead, automation should find its way into offices, hotels …