David Sparks writes that he’s been hyper-scheduling — laying out every hour of his day. Recently for work I’ve been travelling all over south-east Queensland with a colleague interviewing customers for a client. Sometimes we’re in the client’s office and people come to us but more often we’re going to their homes or some other …


Neo-Generalist Professionalism

Great review by Simon Terry of Kenneth Mikkelsen and Richard Martin's The Neo-Generalist.

Advice for creatives

Ten great tips for advertising planners. Generally useful for anyone in a creative profession. My favourites: 1. See the world differently to everyone else 2. Try to be interesting first and right second 4. Read weird shit it always comes in handy 8. Always think and communicate clearly – radical doesn’t mean complicated

A collection of advice on going from academia to industry

Following up on PhD Skill Arbitrage, here's some things I read while thinking about that post. From academia to industry: a short guide at the NatureJobs blog Transferable skills: Helping PhDs and postdocs find careers also at the NatureJobs blog Transferable skills: Keys for standing out from the crowd again, at NatureJobs (Gee, you’d think …