Group work, Brooks’ Law and Triangular Numbers

When I set group assignments, I’m quite specific in how big the groups can be. No less than three, no more than five. Students often prefer bigger groups. Maybe they think that more people on a project of the same size means less individual effort. I short-circuit the drive to bigger groups with something I learned […]

What I learned at TSXPO

Today I was at TSXPO, speaking with prospective university students about Industrial Design. The most common question was “what is industrial design?” The high-school students I spoke with were concerned about the experience of university. They wanted to know what the assignments were like, what the workload was like and what subjects they needed to study at […]

End your slide deck with this one weird trick

I sit through a lot of presentations and I have strong opinions about the right way to do them. One of my pet hates is the “questions” slide that people put at the end of a deck. I hate this for three reasons. First, it ends a presentation of work that’s taken anywhere from six […]