What is a Service? – Tristan Cooke – Medium

Good short post by Tristan Cooke: What is a Service? pause for a second and try and define a ‘service’. It’s hard, right?


My new favourite website is Doing Presentations.

Get a real job

There’s nothing wrong with following a career path you chose when you were 18. But why is it held up as the ideal?

Porque no los dos

John Warren in the Times Higher Ed: “Students are, instead, the end product of our industry. If there is a consumer at all, it is society and employers.” It's funny to insist that students aren’t customers, particularly in the UK where fees have gone up so rapidly in the last few years. It seems clear …

What I learned at TSXPO

Today I was at TSXPO, speaking with prospective university students about Industrial Design. The most common question was "what is industrial design?" The high-school students I spoke with were concerned about the experience of university. They wanted to know what the assignments were like, what the workload was like and what subjects they needed to study at …

Multidisciplinary medical team meetings

In tomorrow's Research Methods tute, this paper is used as a model for the first assignment, a "critical analysis" of a research paper. The point is not to criticise the paper but to demonstrate understanding of how the paper articulates potential design outcomes.