If I could tell you 3 things – notes from a brief career in the public service – disambiguity

Lisa Reichelt’s three things senior public servants should know about making better services for end users.

White and Le Cornu’s Digital Visitors and Residents

The “digital natives” and “digital immigrants” dichotomy is decreasingly useful if not outright wrong. White and Le Cornu’s Visitors and Residents typology (or continuum) is far better. Visitors understand the Web as akin to an untidy garden tool shed. They have defined a goal or task and go into the shed to select an appropriate […]

On treating data as a material and the resulting multiplicity

Via Justin Pickard, in a book called Imagining Classrooms by Vicki Macknight, a few interesting passages on the value of treating data as a material: Remembering advice given in the qualitative research methods texts I had studied as an undergraduate, I made a set of file cards. Onto each, I stuck a picture drawn by a […]