Who still says dorks?

The creatives used to be the cool kids and the tech guys the dorks. Things have reversed, and similar to high school, I’m much more comfortable around the dorks. -- Scott Galloway for L2


Funny, useful, beautiful or inspiring

Brian Millar says that advertising should be funny, useful, beautiful or inspiring.

This Track Changes episode with Jeremy Pam takes a while to get going but then gets really good when they start in on Jane Jacobs and the city.

Great post at The Nib about dressing like a duck.

With extraordinary intent

"Everything he did he did with extraordinary intent, with great precision and fully confident that what he was doing was what he wanted to do and was as good as he could make it." -- Jonathan Green on the comedian John Law, who died today. I don't think there is anything higher to aspire to.

2016 Year in Review

A brief look back at the working year that was. The first half of the year was, as I recall, mostly taken up with teaching. I was the coordinator for a fourth-year research methods course for four of the six design disciplines in the School. There were almost 200 students, three other lecturers and six tutors. …

William Gibson on Singapore

There is no slack in Singapore. Imagine an Asian version of Zurich operating as an offshore capsule at the foot of Malaysia; an affluent microcosm whose citizens inhabit something that feels like, well, Disneyland. Disneyland with the death penalty.

Posting straight to WordPress with the new Ulysses update is pretty great.