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David Sparks writes that he’s been hyper-scheduling — laying out every hour of his day. Recently for work I’ve been travelling all over south-east Queensland with a colleague interviewing customers for a client. Sometimes we’re in the client’s office and people come to us but more often we’re going to their homes or some other …

Thauma and skepsis

Tim Carmody in Noticing, the Kottke.org newsletter: Learning begins in wonder (the Greeks would call it thauma) as much or more than in criticism (skepsis).

This week in references

A concept shamelessly stolen from Russell Davies. This is a generic brand video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YBtspm8j8M Shamrock organisations Shamrock organizations have an organizational structure with three distinct parts. The first part, or leaf, represents the core staff of the organization. They are likely to be highly trained professionals who form the senior management. The second leaf consists …