Weeknote CW33 (S1E4) Return from hiatus edition

Forgive me internet, for I have sinned. It has been four weeks since my last weeknote.

After a week off, things got busy at work with new projects starting and at home with school going back for my late-primary and early-high school kids. Getting bust like that is probably the right time for reflection, rather than a good reason to stop. Anyway.

This week started with one project for Graniteworth1, which has been going on for a while. In this coming week Graniteworth will move into its completion phase. The week finished with report-writing for Plutronics ahead of presenting to their project board on this coming Monday (ie tomorrow).

Monday-Tuesday: on site with Graniteworth, working towards a strategy for their CX team to grow their influence across the business. Watched the group chat from my team on site at Plutronics (J, S, A, M, E, and M) as they coordinated and ran 21 scheduled usability tests — a huge effort. On Tuesday, checked in with the team at Plutronics as they did the analysis of those tests and started reporting.

Wednesday: Public holiday! Did as little as possible.

Thursday-Friday: on site at Plutronics, with J, to complete the reporting and tie that project in a tidy bow. Our main stakeholder there has high standards, which keeps us honest, and is a pleasure to work with. Managed to dial in for the end-of-week scheduling meeting with the exec team.

What got in my way?

Nothing…? I feel like this week was pretty successful. It would be better to have not had two projects on the go, but they both worked out.

What did I do this week that I do every week?

I had the week end exec call. It’s good to touch base with the national leadership and keep up to date with what’s happening in the company more generally.

What happened this week that gave me a glimpse of the future?

Although UX and usability is our bread and butter, and we’ve very good at it, it was great to get back into more strategic thinking about UX at Graniteworth early in the week. More of that, please.

What frustrated me?

This was a pretty good week, so… nothing? I guess I was a little frustrated at not having the reflection provided by week noting the previous weeks. There was some good thinking that went into earlier weeks at Graniteworth and I’d like to go back to talk to past me about it.

What did I let go of this week?

What got dropped? Gosh, don’t look back as the Oasis boys say. I honestly can’t remember. What did I consciously let go of, that I was holding on to for no reason? Maybe I let go of the amount of control I would normally have wanted over the early parts of the work at Plutronics.

What surprised me?

The most surprising thing was that the analysis that lead to the CX strategy we’re thinking of for Graniteworth was in the theory we built earlier when we were creating some personas for them. It’s nice when that happens.

  1. All company names are made up and are not consistent week to week. No similarity etc etc

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