CW28 (S1E3) Special Leave Edition

On leave this week for school holidays and to have a bit of a recharge before jumping in to a six week gig mostly on site with Sapling Foods1.

Monday-Friday: had breakfast late each day, and too much cake for morning and afternoon tea.

What frustrated me?

Very little.

What got in my way?

Sometimes I had to reach all the way across the couch to reach the remote.

What did I do this week that I do every week?

Coffee every day.

And I managed to do a proper weekly review for last week and plan the next week. That’s more of a “what did I do this week that I should do every week”.

What will I do tomorrow?

Back into it with a good plan for the week (see above) and a good feeling about this new gig.

  1. All company names are made up and are not consistent week to week. No similarity etc etc

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