CW27 (S1E2)

Mostly winding stuff up so I can be on leave next week.

Monday-Tuesday: completing Lion Motors 1 reports

Wednesday: pre-kickoff with Marshcast; presenting to Lion Motors.

Thursday: update on other Lion Motors projects; leadership team update; team share back and new staff introductions. Team share back and introductions were really good. I’m so pleased to work with this crew.

Friday: resourcing update; discussion with R about ideation workshops; discussion with M about breakfast seminar talk; discussion with A about forthcoming work. Inspection of potential new office space.

What got in my way?

Nothing in my way as such. Just the competing interests and schedules of running projects vs being a Director.

How will I behave differently?

If there’s one change to make, it’s that I need a flexible daily and weekly routine in place so that things still get done. So, next week (ie this week) that will be my focus.

What did I let go of today?

Oh, so many things.

Wait, does dropping things count as letting go?

What surprised me?

The reaction that Lion Motors had to the reports the team and I presented. The challenge we had was that we often do research on obviously poor things, so when we re-design them, the changes are obviously better. This time, we were researching actually good things, still with the obligation to redesign. In one case, we followed the normal process because there were detail improvements that we identified. In the other case, we ended up deciding the make our re-designs worse so that we could understand why the existing designs performed well. Not only did we find out something useful, but in both cases the Loin Motors team really understood what we were going for with our analysis and embraced our findings and recommendations.

  1. All company names are made up and are not consistent week to week. No similarity etc etc

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