How to speak tech-bro

A great little piece in the Guardian by Julia Carrie Wong and Matthew Cantor on How to Speak Silicon Valley.

A few of my favourites:

5G (n) – The next generation of mobile internet, which promises to enable digital surveillance at blindingly fast speeds.

privacy (n) – Archaic. The concept of maintaining control over one’s personal information.

UX designer (n) The person responsible for a website or app user’s experience (UX). They make the buttons they want you to click on – Share! Buy! Sign Up! – large and noticeable, and the buttons that turn off location tracking very small.

Oh, I just read the sub-head: Your guide to understanding an industry where capitalism is euphemized. 🔥, as the the kids say.

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I'm an Experience Designer from Brisbane, Australia. I use design to make better ways for people to work and play.

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