Weeknote: 29 June, 2019 (CW26, S1E1)

This week has been all about completing the two reports for Peachwell1. I worked from home, not just to get the Peachwell reports done but because Ms 11 started school holidays.

Monday: Two new people joined the crew, in addition to the first of the new-new hires last Wednesday. Caught up with the rest of the team working on Peachwell, who are from an interstate office.

Tuesday: Daily call with the Peachwell team. Spent the morning on other calls. Got Peachwell 1 complete enough. Let’s say 60% complete. Pretty sure the team are waiting for me.

Wednesday: Updated the Peachwell team. Spent the morning on calls, again. Started Peachwell 2.

Thursday: Got Peachwell 2 to about 60% complete. Still feel like I’m the drag on getting these Peachwell reports done.

Friday: Peachwell 1 and 2 about 85% complete so it feels like there’s only about 50% to go on both. The Peachwell team are great. Feels like we will be able to deliver these with confidence on Wednesday. Went in to the Uni to speak on a panel for World Industrial Design Day in the afternoon.

What will I do tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Sunday, so ideally I’d do nothing but I think I need to spend a few hours on Peachwell to nudge both reports along. Mostly the thematic analysis needs to be turned into prose, which is just head down typing. I promised the team a punch list on Monday so that will certainly need to get done.

How will I behave differently?

Next week, I will try to have a more structured plan for each day, so it’s easier to say no to things that pop up. And I will avoid the siren song of the team chat.

And, I will try, try, try again at pomodoro-ing my way through these reports.

What held me back?

Being the final decider for some aspects of the crew’s day-to-day work got in the way of spending all day head-down in the Peachwell reports, but that’s to be expected.

I was reminded of how I am not good at, and I do not enjoy, reporting on what I already know the answer to. That is, I’ve already decided what I think goes into the Peachwell reports, so I get bored easily. On the other hand, turning those thoughts into solid prose did result in some pleasing analyses.

What frustrated me?

The analysis on both Peachwell reports isn’t that exiting. There are tiny kernels of insight but the main takeaway seems to be “these things are fine”. This sort of results is to be expected sometimes. Fortunately Peachwell have their own dedicated research staff who will be able to turn our insights into hypotheses and actually validate them.

  1. All company names are made up and are not consistent week to week. No similarity etc etc

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