Links from last week: 5 Whys

Why changing your perspective, even for just a moment, might be the thing you need to do in your social (design) research. (By Ben Hoh)

from a particular perspective, a very obvious kind of movement had been rendered invisible

Why Uber can’t be fixed and should be shut down. (By Benjamin Edelman)

I suggest that the problem at Uber goes beyond a culture created by toxic leadership. The company’s cultural dysfunction, it seems to me, stems from the very nature of the company’s competitive advantage: Uber’s business model is predicated on lawbreaking.

Why you can’t ban crypto, even if you want to. (By Cory Doctorow)

Use deliberately compromised cryptography, that has a back door that only the “good guys” are supposed to have the keys to, and you have effectively no security. You might as well skywrite it as encrypt it with pre-broken, sabotaged encryption.

Why the roots of science fiction might be inseparable from disability (by R. E. Fulton)

the Futurians had more in common than a love of science fiction. Several members of the group — in fact, the same people who formed the core of Futurian membership and leadership throughout the decade — shared a history of illness and disability from an early age.

Why you need to skill up your weakest team players to succeed at digital transformation (by Amy Cahill)

Investing in a marquee player, might net you additional marketing, flair or coverage but investing $47m annually in a single player likely comes at the cost of investing more equally in talent across your entire team and statically being more likely to win games.

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