I’m leaving: This is not a quit lit piece

I’m leaving academia. I’ve been employed as an academic since 2006 and I’ve been “in” academia since I started my PhD in 2002. I’ve got a job with a consulting firm. I’ll start in two weeks, part-time until the end of semester so I can finish my undergrad teaching commitments

I’m leaving because I didn’t want to be institutionalised.

I’m leaving a lot of great colleagues and friends.

I’m leaving as primary supervisor to a great Masters student and a great PhD student and as associate to another great PhD student. I’ll stay as an external supervisor for my “primary” students. I made them both the promise that you make as a supervisor: I’ll get you finished.

I’m leaving a largely, but not entirely, secure position. I’m not tenured, as that is defined in Australia, but I’ve always had long-term contracts. My average contract length has been 2.4 years. Shortest: 1; longest: 3.

I’m leaving to try something new.

(photo by Michael Ramey at Unsplash)


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